Visitor of the Week

Lauren Jorba is the Recreation Officer at Mount Victoria Lifecare and a regular visitor to our museum. After Lauren’s many personal visits she decided her residents would like it too. Lauren organized a trip to Petone Settlers Museum on a recent Thursday. The day was rainy with strong winds, violent at times but this didn’t change their plan to visit our windy, but beautiful, Petone Foreshore.


Lauren brought a group of five residents, here they are in front of the Lifecare van. 

Lauren and her residents enjoyed their visit very much, they had a good look through Petone Settlers Museum’s current exhibition “Tatou Tatou” and here is what they had to say about their visit:

“I never knew it was here but will now tell everyone it’s a must.”

“Perfect in every way.”

“Great size space and not to much to take in.”

“Informative and entertaining.”

And Lauren said, “Loved the building the moment I saw it, not like other museums with endless text to read. Good for all ages and abilities and when ever someone comes to visit its at the top of my list.”

I just loved the whole experience of meeting Lauren and her Mount Victoria Lifecare residents, the group of such a lovely and happy people!!! You are a very special to me and I am looking forward meeting you again!

Thank you Lauren and residents, keep well and happy and all the best from,

Jagoda Karac-Ivanov 

Museums Host and Gallery Assistant 

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