Getting Ready

Tomorrow is our special High Tea at the Settlers event, where we’re trading (as Hutt News put it) cupcakes for ideas.


That’s why this afternoon I was bumbling about on the top of a ladder, hanging bunting.


Earlier in the day, Sian (fellow curator at Hutt City Museums), Kirsty (Museum Host) and I went to Kirsty’s house to pick flowers from her splendidly bounteous garden, to brighten up the Hall of Memories with bouquets.


Here’s the beautiful Sian cutting some “Wedding Flowers”,


and a glimpse of Kirsty cutting one of her hundreds of roses.


Even Dali, the dog, gave us a hand. Getting ready has been a whole staff effort, with flowers from Kirsty, cup and saucers from Jen (our head educator), Sarah (EA) and Sharon (Museum Host), cake stands from Frances (proprietor of the Little Cafe), Sian and I doing the catering (with a little help from Sweet Pea cupcakes of course), Jagoda and Pamela helping on the day and a general chip-in from almost every staff member.

We’ve been thrilled at the response to our event, which was fully booked up by this morning. I’m especially looking forward to meeting some of you, our blog readers, and hearing your thoughts and ideas.

Emma Bugden, Senior Curator

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