Time travel

On Saturday visitors to the museum were able to travel through time.


Well, perhaps not actual time travel.

But with the aid of our friends at the Amazing Travelling Photo Booth we offered all visitors during Petone Winter Carnival the chance to be photographed in front of a large picture of Jackson Street from the 1920s.


There were some amazing outfits,

yQJ5MIDuYRKVcEGb4FjTtg3qCYaoiEtZGHx95dZU2pA[1]   AuVCux3HgGunQVcQvUAO7mHdX94-pqu2SqXmKU9gp7k

some exceptional posing,


and even Man’s Best Friend got into the carnival spirit.


For some people carnival is a time to get cosy with the people  you love,


while other hardy souls brave the Mitre 10 MEGA Polar Plunge for a wintery harbour swim.





Thanks to everyone who came to celebrate Petone with us.

Emma Bugden, Senior Curator 

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