Do You Remember the Happiness Club?

Petone Settlers Museum Community Curator, Jen Boland, has created an accessible programme of events that caters for both the general public and niche groups. Jen’s new events and activity programme is being promoted under the moniker of The Happiness Club. The name comes from the original ‘Petone Happiness Club’, which ran from 1950-54, affiliated with the […]

Flotsam & Jetsam & Sons

Curio Collectors Est 1887 Captain Flotsam and First Mate Jetsam sailed the seas to New Zealand in the year 1886. They briefly made Wellington their home but decided that Foxton was the place they wanted to lay their foundations. So it was with great haste that they boarded an iron steamer named “Tui” with all […]

Time travel

On Saturday visitors to the museum were able to travel through time. Well, perhaps not actual time travel. But with the aid of our friends at the Amazing Travelling Photo Booth we offered all visitors during Petone Winter Carnival the chance to be photographed in front of a large picture of Jackson Street from the 1920s. There were some amazing […]

Jackson Street

Hello there! I am a current intern working with Emma for the Petone Settlers Museum. My name is Claire Folster and I am in the third year of a BA majoring in Art History and Classical Studies. I am doing a BA internship paper through Victoria which allowed me to get this great opportunity. Over […]

His name be not forgotten: George Shackleton Hooper (1894 – 1916)

Like many museums we hold varying degrees of information about our collection items. Some objects we have a great deal of knowledge about while others we have much less. The photos and artefacts relating to George Shackleton Hooper, a Petone man killed at the battle of The Somme in WWI, is one such collection. We knew […]

Anzac flags are flying

Petone has a strong connection to WWI history, with local industry providing support and local men going to serve, including 120 men who never came home. Preparations are underway all around New Zealand for the upcoming Anzac Day commemorations, which marks 100 years since the Gallipoli campaign. We’re about to install a new Anzac display at […]

Visitor of the Week: Mr and Mrs Beattie

It’s the diamond (75th) anniversary of the opening of our building this year, so we’ve got anniversaries on our mind. Therefore I was delighted to find out it is Helen and Peter Beattie’s 58th wedding anniversary today, and thought it was appropriate we do a little post on them. Helen was born and raised in Petone and they […]

Christmas wishes

The holiday season is well and truly upon us and in searching our collection for Christmas related items I came upon this tin. These small brass boxes were issued to all those wearing the Kings’ uniform, fighting in World War I, during Christmas 1914. From Princess Mary, the tins contained cigarettes, tobacco, pens or chocolate, depending […]