Visitor of the Week: Mr and Mrs Beattie

It’s the diamond (75th) anniversary of the opening of our building this year, so we’ve got anniversaries on our mind. Therefore I was delighted to find out it is Helen and Peter Beattie’s 58th wedding anniversary today, and thought it was appropriate we do a little post on them. Helen was born and raised in Petone and they […]


Recently I had the pleasure of meeting Aurora Guerrero Sutherland. Aurora, who turns five in February, lives in London, England. She was visiting the Petone Settlers Museum with her mother, Fiona Sutherland. Fiona and Aurora have spent Christmas and New Year visiting family in New Zealand.  Aurora’s grandmother (Fiona’s mother) lived in Petone during the […]

Visitor of the Week

Lauren Jorba is the Recreation Officer at Mount Victoria Lifecare and a regular visitor to our museum. After Lauren’s many personal visits she decided her residents would like it too. Lauren organized a trip to Petone Settlers Museum on a recent Thursday. The day was rainy with strong winds, violent at times but this didn’t change their […]