The Petone Settlers Museum provides a significant Social Science resource for all age groups through the stories of a special local history that has national implications. Educators offer fun, interactive curriculum-linked learning programmes for students, Year 1–13.

Education programmes encourage students to think creatively while delving into the history of New Zealand and its relationships between Maori and Pakeha. Students will have the opportunity to develop core key competencies within an authentic context. Programmes are FREE, with optional workshops at a small charge, and we are happy to tailor a programme to meet your needs. Please note that booking is essential.

If your class has specific learning needs and you wish to do a workshop to support your topic, please feel free to approach us and discuss possibilities.

For more information, updates and bookings please contact:

Jen Boland
Learning Programmes Manager
T 04 560 1260


Programmes for Petone Settlers Museum

Year NE–1 Level 1 | Duration of programme between an hour and 1:30mins | Depending on the weather

A fun introduction to maori oral tradition. Enjoy a retelling of the myth of Wellington Harbour and create taniwhas. Options available depend on the weather. If it’s fine we’ll make taniwha from sand on the beach and if it’s wet we’ll weave taniwha together inside the museum.

Year 4–6 Level 2 | Duration of programme 1:15 mins

A highly interactive programme, students participate in shared learning experiences problem solving, discovering and understanding how Maori farmed, fished, hunted and lived in Te Whanganui-A-Tara before the arrival of the early English settlers in 1840.

Year 4–6 Level 3 | Duration of Programme 1:15 mins

Working in groups students become historians and gallery detectives looking for clues and answers to key questions by exploring and gathering information within the museum relating to why and how English Settlers came to Te Whanganui-A-Tara (Wellington)? Who were they? And what were those early days like?

Term 1 2015 

It’s been 175 years since the English settlers arrived in Petone and it’s time to celebrate. Bring your class down to the Petone Settlers Museum and take part in the build-your-own Britannia on the beach challenge. Make a morning of it! Bring down some morning tea, and get to know each other in this co-operative group activity whilst learning about our local history.

Curriculum Links: Social Sciences and Visual Arts | Key Competency: Working together