Throwback: How did people entertain themselves back in the day?

Sarah Robinson, Social History Curatorial Intern Have you been struggling to find things to do over the past couple of months? It’s had us thinking about what people would’ve done in the past to keep themselves occupied, if they were unable to leave their homes for weeks on end. Our collection has tossed up some […]

Weird and wonderful objects in our Collection

Sarah Robinson, Social History Curatorial Intern One of the things I love most about working with museum collections is the weird stuff you come across; sometimes these things have accompanying records that tell you what they are, sometimes you have to do some investigating and sometimes you just have to guess. The beauty of social […]

Christmas wishes

The holiday season is well and truly upon us and in searching our collection for Christmas related items I came upon this tin. These small brass boxes were issued to all those wearing the Kings’ uniform, fighting in World War I, during Christmas 1914. From Princess Mary, the tins contained cigarettes, tobacco, pens or chocolate, depending […]

The Cakes Continue!

Here at the museum we have been helping Unilever Petone to catalogue its museum and archives collection that has amassed over the last century.  These are some of the tools of the trade. Among the many treasures I’ve found a Glycerine Cookbook called “How Glycerine makes better cakes and Bigger Profits”. All the recipes include at least one pound of […]